Contemporary Sculpture

"Sculpture rests on void."
Alberto Giacometti

Tubular Sculpture N°2


Elegant contemporary sculpture in the style of the Tubular Art which spread throughout Europe in the last century with the "Bauhaus" movement.

H 110 x 45 x 38,5 cm / H 43,31 x 17,72 x 15,16 inch

Large Gold Moebius Ring


The Moebius knot is named after the famous mathematician and astronomer, and is a representation of the infinite in real life. Place your finger delicately on the sculpture and follow the surface all the way around the two sides of this magical form to come back to your starting point. Astounding!

H 36 x 50 x 26 cm / H 14.17 x 19.68 x 10.23 inch

Spiral Sculpture


Large contemporary spiral sculpture: it could be a race of fossilised electrons mounted on black marble! Very beautiful golden bronze patina.

H 66 x 25 x 10 cm / H 66 x 25 x 10 inch

Canopy is Beautiful


Beautiful contemporary sculpture in the theme of the canopy ! Beautiful gold bronze patina and black marble.

H 88 x 50 x 15 cm / H 34,65 x 19,69 x 5,91 inch

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