Artistes à la Une

“The situation of an artiste is a humble one. He is essentially a channel.”
Pietr Mondrian

Marcus Campbell

Sculptor - Painter

"When young I worked in the theatre. There was never enough money, so  I made sets, costumes, furniture, jewellery and accesories out of nothing. Of things that I found in the rubbish dump.

Now, I make my art works the same way. I like rust. Rusted metal and wire, along with decayed wood, bone, feathers and old cloth. I usually combine two or three materials. Normally, I work between the genres: figurative imagery and abstract form or pattern. I use two or three materials in unexpected combinations.  I try to create sculptures that have the qualities of graffiti and abstract painting at the same time."

Hervé Bonhouvrier

Visual Artist

The visual artist Hervé Bonhouvrier is fascinated by the Empty and the Full- the Empty through monochrome, and the Full through repeated patterns (serial art) and the abundance of collected objects. He conceives monochrome as a way towards infinity, a surface which is open to an inner experience, halfway between the expression of the absolute and nihilist laughter. The genre gives infinite possibilities for invention. The Monochrome, having no other meaning than itself, forms an organic visual whole. While walking, the artist collects objects which talk to him, showcasing anything that has been abandoned or lost, as if he wanted to clean up the world: clothes, fabric, shoes, toys, litter, cigarettes packs, bits of plastic etc…
All are small memories, full of personal or collective history which feed back to the idea of loss, of being forgotten or wiped out from memory.  He then organizes all these fragments, as an accumulation, for his artwork.

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